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Helping people find information about and by the World Bank Group.

Research - where to start

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Use the largest Bank Group repositories to get insight into the breadth and scope of World Bank information. Frequent starting points:

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General topics / subjects IBRD topics IFC areas of expertise

Final reports of the Bank Group, from 1946 to present

Documents and Reports

Recent 20 years of top knowledge and research

Open Knowledge Repository

Archival descriptions and access to digitized archival records

Archives holdings

World Bank project information

Projects & Operations portal

Data about development

World Bank open data

Access to information policies

The Bank Group is an open access institution. It supports the free online communication and exchange of knowledge as the most effective way of ensuring that the fruits of research, economic and sector work, and development practice are made widely available, read, and built upon. 

IBRD/IDA access to information policy IFC access to information policy MIGA access to information policy

Key reports and series


Curated Bank Group repositories

Non-curated repositories

Institution specific repositories



Other World Bank report sites

Archives - caretakers of the institutional memory.

IBRD access to information - IBRD/IDA access to information policy and policy interpretations

Independent Evaluations Group (IEG) - Independent of the management of the Bank Group, IEG evaluates the Bank Group's development effectiveness and provides accountability to shareholders and stakeholders at large.

Newsletters - Subscribe to Bank Group newsletters on various topics

Scribd channel of Bank Group - Bank Group publications

World Bank/IMF libraries - Catalog of the library network of the Bank Group and IMF

Articles of Agreement

The Articles of Agreement and equivalent governing documents outline the conditions of membership and the general principles of organization, management, and operations.

Governors resolutions – Generally passed at Annual Meetings, these concern membership, elections, financial statements, net income allocation, transfer from surplus, and similar topics.



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